Professional stereo, stem and vinyl mastering


100% Handmade Mastering!

No automated processes, i will work individually on your project!


Restoration of Audio

Removing crackling, clipping, clicks and hum



High class dynamic and static equalizing


High-Quality EQing

Building the sound, adding "air" and low End


High-Quality Compression

Optimizing the dynamic structure in detail



Adding brilliant tube- and tape- saturation


Analogue Summing

Summing stems with the first-class Neve 8816



Reaching competitive loudness levels

Use of professional hardware and software

When mastering, the song material must be handled with care. That's why I only use first-class hardware and software plug-ins.

Fast processing

The mastering will be processed within 10 working days (Monday to Friday) after confirmation of the project. For more urgent projects I offer a faster processing for a surcharge.


Short analysis of your song material and demo-mastering on request.

Discount for stereo, stem and vinyl mastering

2-4 songs -10% / 5-8 songs -20% / more than 9 songs -30%

Mastering at audiobench is done with the highest quality analog hardware and the latest digital plug-ins.

audiobench offers classic stereo and stem mastering. For stem mastering there is the possibility of analogue summing via the first-class Neve 8816 summing device.

For CD releases we create the required DDP image and for vinyl releases we create a special vinyl pre-master in consultation with the respective pressing plant, which ensures that there are no nasty surprises after pressing.

Mortal Flesh
Warmongers EP
Mortal FleshWarmongers EP

Full production – Recording | Mixing | Mastering
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Gavin Ferguson
Not Right
Gavin FergusonNot Right


The Alchemy Index
A Bitter Township
The Alchemy IndexA Bitter Township

Mixing | Mastering

I, Assailant
Envision; Invade
I, AssailantEnvision; Invade

Mixing | Mastering

Hollow Sphere of Damnation
ObliterationistHollow Sphere of Damnation

Mixing | Mastering

ADSX with Hanoben
ADSX with HanobenA.C.I.D. SEX

Acid House
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1 Song***

Standard-MasteringMost popular


per Song*



per Song* **



per Song

Mastering for Vinyl


per Song

*  Discount: 2-4 Songs -10% / 5-8 Songs -20% / from 9 Songs up -30%
**  Including Analogue Summing
***  Demo-Mastering on request: A meaningful demo mastering for one of your songs. If you like my work, you can buy the mastering. For new customers only.



per Publication

DDP-Image (CD)


per Publication

Contact for Mastering Services

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    Priority Handling/Express (+30 € / song)Mastering for vinyl (+20 € / song)

    Vinyl-Pre-MasterDDP-Image (CD)


    Further information:

    File formats & Delivery

    Accepted file formats

    *.wav, *.aif, *.aiff

    Sample rate and bit depth

    For best mastering results, the files should be delivered in the original sample rate and bit depth of the mixing process.

    Most important: No conversions before mastering!

    Sensible values are…
    …for the sample rate: 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz, 192 kHz
    …for the bit depth: 24 Bit, 32 Bit, 32 Bit float

    Delivery of the files

    In order to ensure a smooth process, the files should be clearly labeled and, from 2 files upwards, should be delivered as one zip file.

    Translated with (free version)


    To try out my service as a new customer, I offer you the free mastering of one of your songs on request. Whether I can offer you a free demo mastering depends primarily on my current workload, so please don’t be angry with me if it doesn’t work out.

    If it works out, you will get a demo mastering from me and then you can decide if you want to pay for the mastering or not.


    The mastering of a stereo file.

    The standard mastering includes all sound and technical steps necessary to make your song ready for digital publishing (streaming and CD).

    In addition to the purely technical steps I perform, I make your song competitive in terms of frequency response, dynamics and loudness.


    Stem mastering is the process of mastering from several individual tracks of the mix containing the various instrument groups. In this way, the mastering process can be carried out in a more differentiated manner, which can significantly improve the result.

    Stem mastering of course also includes the steps of standard mastering, whereby the sound image can be manipulated much more precisely.

    Which stems are created for mastering must be decided on a case-by-case basis. In most cases, the creation of the following stems is useful:

    Stem 1: Rhythm / Drums / Percussion
    Stem 2: Bass
    Stem 3: Rhythm and melody instruments
    Stem 4: Singing

    In individual cases, further divisions are useful. We can discuss this with you in advance.

    Creation of the stems

    All master bus edits that have been inserted exclusively to increase loudness (limiters etc.) must be removed. All other edits should be left on the master bus.
    To create the stems, the other channels of the mix must be muted. The levels and any automations must not be changed. The stems must contain the corresponding effect paths.
    All stems played back together must reflect the original mix. Please check this carefully!


    Publishing your music on vinyl requires some preliminary considerations. I would like to mention them here briefly. We will discuss more details about your production.

    The vinyl pre-master can either be created on the basis of already mastered songs (for digital publishing) or integrated in a mastering for different target media.

    Why a Vinyl-Pre-Master?

    Since the vinyl record as a medium has special characteristics in the reproduction of music and the cutting of the master for pressing also brings technical requirements with it, these should ideally already be taken into account during mixing, but at the latest in mastering.

    Sound editing

    As already mentioned, the song material needs special treatment to prepare it for pressing on vinyl. I do this carefully and naturally depending on the given song material. The aim is to preserve the sound of the original and to eliminate all the problematic characteristics of already finalized, mastered songs.

    Playing times

    The playing time per page is crucial for the quality of the result. If the playing time of one side of the board is too long, the groove must be cut correspondingly narrower. This means that the groove must be cut flatter. This leads to a significant loss of quality and to problems in reproduction.


    @33 1/3 RPM: Ideally 16 min to 20 min, maximum 25 min

    @45 RPM: Ideally 6 min to 12 min per page, maximum 15 min


    @33 1/3 RPM: Ideally up to 9 min per page, maximum 14 min

    @45 RPM: Ideally up to 8 min per page, maximum 10 min


    @33 1/3 RPM: Ideally up to 5 min per page, maximum 7 min

    @45 RPM: Ideally up to 3 min per page, maximum 5 min


    A significant difference compared to the publication on CD is the fact that records do not offer constant playback quality. As the diameter of the record decreases towards the inside, the relative speed of the groove to the needle also decreases. As a result, the quality of playback of higher frequencies decreases towards the inside of a record.

    From this physical fact it follows that, for a release on vinyl, one should already think about the sequence of songs per page in advance. Especially “important” songs and songs with very deficient parts in the high frequency range should be played as far outwards as possible on one side of the record.

    DDP-Image (CD)

    For the industrial duplication of a CD a DDP image is required as pre-master. In addition to the sequence of the songs and the pauses between them, metadata for the CD release are also defined in this image.

    Metadata for the DDP image

    In addition to metadata such as artist, song title, genre, etc., there is further information that can be integrated into the DDP image. I generally recommend the integration of all codes that make up a professional CD release, these are

    Labelcode – professional publicity, indicator for broadcasting rights
    GTIN – 13-digit barcode number, mandatory for online distribution, identification per product, marking for distribution of income
    ISRC – mandatory requirement for online distribution, identification per track, marking for distribution of revenue, marking for royalty statement, fixed component at GEMA, AUME, SUISA, GVL

    If a label is published under a label, it normally takes care of the creation of a so-called labelcopy, which contains all mentioned information. If you do not publish under a label, I recommend providers like e.g. They offer the pressing of your CD release and take over the role of a label for you free of charge by providing you with all mentioned codes.

    Revision with DDP-Player

    Before the DDP image goes to the press plant, you should check it carefully. For this purpose I will send you a DDP player with your integrated CD release. In this player you can check and reproduce all behaviours of your later CD.