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Mixed & Mastered by Steffen Ehrenfeld | audiobench
Band: The Alchemy Index –
Song: A Bitter Township
Recorded at 456 Recordings by Brian Hood –

Mixed & Mastered by Steffen Ehrenfeld | audiobench
Band: Obliterationist –
Song: Hollow Sphere of Damnation
Recorded by Robert Kukla, Provided by Christian Sveding at Studio Haga –

Mixed & Mastered by Steffen Ehrenfeld | audiobench
Band: I, Assailant –
Song: Envision; Invade
Recorded at 456 Recordings by Brian Hood –


The Mix is the crucial and most important step in creating your sounds. Getting the feeling for your music is the first step…

I’m going to use a combination of analog high-end hardware and latest professional audio software to identify the best possible sound for your production.

We can communicate with video chat, phone or mail during the mixing process and discuss everything relevant to your production.


Includes the complete range of digital audio, as a step of your music production or to finalize your podcasts, videos or playbacks etc.

Musical editing like drum-quantization etc.
Pitch (Autotune, melodyne etc.) ) and speed altering
Basic editing and altering such as error removal, fades etc.
Eliminate or reduce verbal mistakes and noise


You recorded in a studio and don’t be satisfied with the result at all? You have made recordings yourself and do not come to the desired result? Individual tracks of your production do not correspond to your ideas?
I offer individual solutions for problems in your production. It is not always useful to tackle a production completely… especially for cost reasons.
I will review your material without commitment and we discuss what we could do. Depending on my current workload, I also offer you free mix samples! Just ask me!

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Feel free to ask me for a quote for your individual project – free of charge, with no obligations.

Mixing projects: Depending on my workload situation, I offer you free mix samples! Just ask me for details…

Steffen Ehrenfeld

Sound Engineer

I am a full-time Sound Engineer since 2013 and have widely different experiences in Live- and Studio Mixing for over 15 years now.

I was playing in bands from genres like metal, hardcore and rock for several years. As Sound Engineer I'm not limited to specific genres but always focused on finding the best ways to give your music the power and the sheen it needs.
In order to achieve this objective I'm using professional software plugins and outboard equipment.

I'm thankful that I had the opportunity to get inspiration and practical insight from the following people:
Lars Deutsch (Two time Emmy winning composer and producer), Frieder Does (Producer: Antiheld, Annisokay, His Statue Falls), Jürgen Lusky (Mastering Engineer at HOFA Studios)